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At the Sussex Club, we are fans, Brazen Husseys and Supporters of Harry and Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.  We want them to thrive and succeed as they strive to make the world a better place.

Our hope is that through sharing this environment, with like minded people, we can support our faves and each other.

We have a blog area, which will include articles, stories, videos etc.  We also have a Communitysite where members can share and discuss information.  It is very similar, and has all the functionality of other, popular social media sites.

Membership is free!  You can invite fellow squaddies to join the site, and I will accept invitiations on your recommendations. Let's have fun together, support each other, share content, support charities and organizations that make this world a better place.

 Your safety is important, so please be careful about sharing your personal information, you can create an account by using your firstname only or a username. We will not share your personal information with anyone, and will try to ensure that this site is as secure as possible.

I will be creating new content, so you will see new pages on the site in due course. Members are also able to submit content to the editors for approval, which will then be added to the site. You can create regular blogs or articles, artwork, videos or commentary. Let's build this together!


This site has been built at my own expense. I will try to support the site financially as long as I am able. However, if we get so many users and content, that the server costs increase, I may consider allowing advertising on the site to cover the costs. I will never ask for membership fees, I want this site to be available to all, regardless of means.

Remember to be kind to each other, anyone posting offensive content, will have their accounts closed. according to our Terms and Conditions.

Membership is free!

Connect, Share, Discuss, Chat, Like, Vote, Have Fun, Participate...

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This is a privately owned site for the fans and supporters of the Duke and Duchess of Success. Through sharing this environment, with like minded people, we can support our faves and each other.

Our Social Media application is a great way for us to connect and share.

Contact us at: to learn more, or register on our Community Page

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