Prince Harry and Stephen Colbert Discuss "Spare"

My favorite interview discussing "Spare".  This is the best venue for Harry, he is able to show is sense of humor, confidence, comic timing and charm.  He connected with the audience, who chanted "Harry, Harry, Harry", as welll as well as showing how comfortable and relaxed he was, talking with Stephen Colbert.  Watch for yourself...



Prince Harry Discusses "Spare" with Anderson Cooper

A formal interview with one of the most respected broadcast journalist and political commentator, Anderson Cooper.


Prince Harry Discusses His Memoir "Spare" on ABC Nightline

Prince Harry spoke with ABC News' Michael Strahan about the details in his new memoir, "Spare," including his fractured relationship with the royal family and the trauma of his mother's death.



Variety Interviews Meghan, Duchess of Sussex

Meghan is interviewed by Variety Magazine



Meghan Markle with Craig Ferguson

Meghan Markle appears on The Late Show with Craig Ferguson, recorded on January 8th 2013.




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